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  • Increased sales eight fold since involvement began in 1991.
  • Reduced warranty work from 10 percent down to 1 percent by instituting new quality standards, improving hiring practices and implementing a bar code tracking system.
  • Smoothed out manufacturing "peaks and valleys" by increasing inventory during slower periods for shipment during more hectic periods.
  • Increased their active national and international dealer network four-fold and built an on-line dealer resource site.
  • Decreased the cycle time for producing customer invoices.
  • Drove extensive trademark and copyright protection to secure and enhance branding.
System Cabinetry

"The improvements to my company across all functional areas, not to mention the increased professionalism and organization of my staff, convinced me that bringing in Grage & Associates was a good business decision. They made people accountable and motivated including myself. Grage & Associates does the things that I can't do, things that I don't have the training or experience to do."

Ken Whelpton

About the Company:
UltraForm is one of the largest suppliers of modular and portable cabinetry for the exhibit industry. Over the last 10 years, the company has earned a reputation for innovative design and engineering, high-quality construction and service long after the sale. Its line of 260 standard cabinets is unique in that all products can be assembled without tools in minutes. Their products include counters, monitor towers and kiosks. UltraForm also is a leading supplier of single and multiple computer stand configurations with functional pullout keyboard shelves.

The Challenge:
  • Reduce the strains and stress of business peaks and valleys.
  • Bring business from break-even to a profitable operation.
  • Support the owner in his role as principal product designer, sales manager and CEO.
  • Cut employee turnover by improving hiring & supervision.
  • Build corporate infrastructure to handle future growth.
Invisible Fence Success Story
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