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  • Opened two new retail centers.
  • Created a corporate-wide data base driven telemarketing operation for lead generation.
  • Implemented new corporate computer network to support decentralized operations.
  • Increased revenue by 18% in just over one year.
Invisible Fencing

Invisible Fencing
Company, Inc.

"Grage & Associates has been a very positive force in getting us to take a more strategic approach to growing our business and thereby helping us to take action in a more timely fashion. In getting our employees more involved in the business, Grage & Associates has given us a better idea of our key success factors and helped every employee gain a better understanding of how they personally impact our success."

Larry Lenick

About the Company:
Invisible Fence Company, Inc., manufacturer of the Invisible Fencing® pet containment system, offers products which combine classical conditioning techniques with state-of-the-art technology. The Invisible Fencing® system creates an invisible boundary pets quickly recognize and learn not to cross. Today, the company maintains an international network of dealers.

One of eleven U.S. master distributors, the Rochester, NY franchise is among the top three dealers in the country. Since opening its doors in 1985, the company has grown to employ 75 people. As a wholesaler, the franchise's Canine Containment division supplies some 26 plus retail centers. The company recently opened retail centers in Buffalo, Syracuse, Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA.

The Challenge:
  • Help the company capitalize on a wider geographic sales territory.
  • Increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing function.
  • Improve the corporate infrastructure to support decentralized regional growth.
  • Establish a retail presence that will enhance its access to new customers.
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