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  • Helped company land the Xerox account by crafting an effective sales and marketing plan.
  • Designed and implemented a strategic planning process.
  • Built a corporate infrastructure to handle explosive company growth.
  • Developed a management dashboard of key success factors and measurements.
  • Dramatically improved cash flow and reduced receivables.
  • Evaluated outside, professional service providers and, in some cases, recommended and implemented changes in key relationships.
FM Technologies


"The beauty of a long-term relationship with Grage & Associates is that they know what we need here and they are very good at setting deadlines and helping to make our employees accountable. For me, the biggest change has been around delegation. There were weeks when I was billing forty hours a week on projects. What Grage & Associates has done is force me to delegate. Now, my time is spent on more strategic issues that are going to help my company grow."

Bill Jones

About the Company:
Founded in 1987, FM Technologies is a facilities management company that works with organizations such as Xerox Corporation, Blue Cross Blue Shield, University of Rochester and Getinge-Castle. The company coordinates "moves and changes" within dynamic corporations which don't have an in-house full service facilities department. They offer project management, project coordination, building management, space programing, space planning, interior design, CADD drafting and drawing conversion.

The Challenge:
  • Develop a marketing plan to help grow the business in very specific directions.
  • Structure a process to give management more control over the development of the business.
  • Assist management in transforming their business from a project-orientation to a more full-service approach.
UltraForm Success Story
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